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This gives us immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading cash management service provider in North India . We are covering almost every Location in Punjab, Haryana, HP and j&K under Cash Management services of some Multinational Banks and has got a widespread network for the same. For Value added advantage our major locations are fully equipped with latest infrastructure such as Computer, Printer & Internet. We are sure that our vast experience would enhance your performance to the full and will also lead to increase your clientele..

Our Cash Management Service is based on the latest state-of-the-art technology capable of catering to collection or payment requirements of Banks, Corporate houses, Non Banking Financial Corporations, Mutual Funds etc. We assure you of promptness, safety, and coordination in the job provided to us. For extra pace in results at few of our locations we have centralized processing which entails you to gather any information from one main location. Other than that, there are many other measures which are adding to our performance.

Cash Management Services

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o We are into this work since last 12 year and we have got an expertise in the same.

Herein, we are doing collection of checks from CMS clients, Processing checks at our DPC , Baking checks and reporting them at required point.

o Co- ordination with Bank and Client.

o Cheque collection /Cheque clearing/Cheque Encoding

o Centralized cheque processing / MIS.

o Pick up locations MIS as per requirement.

o Monthly performance review..

o DD/Pay Order Delivery

o Remote Location Cheque Clearance support Service for Punjab

• Back office support to Banking / Financial institutes/Telecom Company.

Drop Box Clearance and Audit :

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• We are clearing drop boxes of various Telecom companies and thereafter doing the data entry at our DPC for further Banking purpose.

• Generating MIS in required format

• Uploading in a required format

• Cost effective processing

• We are also doing audit for Drop Boxes Data for some of the locations.

IPO /Application Processing

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• We are doing complete IPO processing at various location , under this we collect primary application from the broker and segregation is performed at our office for check processing and Banking purpose..

ATM Monitoring Project

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• Recently we have under taken a ATM Pilot project, where we were asked to collect some Data from the the ATM visitor , this project was a great success.Synergy Datlinks offers a variety of services to support customers in running a profitable ATM network.

Challan collection and Remote cheque printing delivery system

• In this process we scan Mutual fund applications along with other required documents and complete validation is done at our end. Other than this we have recently added one more process in our basket, that is remote cheque printing delivery system, where we are advised by our principal Banks to collect pre printed cheques from their local branch and deliver the same at required destination (Banks Customers)

Cheque truncation System (CTS)

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We provide an effective and fast process for cheque clearance (CTS) which is now becoming compulsory at all parts of India, it is actually a Image Based clearance in which cheque is scanned and image is sent for clearance which eliminates a physical transportation of cheques and besides that cheque clearance becomes faster and safe.

•We are the leading Clearing Cheque Transporter in North India providing highly time sensitive and risk oriented service to all our esteemed bank Customers since 1 decade without any complaint since inception.

Exclusive & Value Added Service to CTS – Cheque Truncation System

Data Processing

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We also provide a Data processing services for several Bank , NBFC's and private companies which includes a tailor made requirement by company to company. We are always preferred by several companies/Banks for our cost effective, professional and reliable data processing.

Synergy Data Processing is committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients through our professional, dedicated staff and our industry-leading technology.Our vision is to develop integrated technology that seamlessly merges acquisition, processing and reservoir services to provide the ultimate in optimised, interpretable datasets for our clients.

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